Thursday, June 24, 2010


The other morning I was spending time in prayer with a friend at church. As she prayed, (and I can't remember her exact wording) she talked about "home" being not our actual houses, but it being a place of "pure worship". As she prayed, that statement stirred my heart. We are getting ready to say goodbye to our first house and we are packing all of our posessions up, not exactly sure where we will end up. So as we enter this stage of our lives, that statement strikes a chord within me. So many times, we put so much into our homes and having things "pretty", and I am by no means saying we should not keep our homes nice, but this world is not home. My joy should not be found in having nice things and a pretty house. I truly feel that God is teaching me more each day that I do not need to be tied to things of this world, for they will wither and fade. So, while I am sad to leave this house, I have found joy in thinking on how I look at where my home is. I should feel "at home" when I am in "pure worship". No matter where it may be, that doesn't matter. I am so thankful for our house selling and anxious to see where He is going to open doors (or shut them if He so chooses). I am learning so much so far from this time and know we will have many years ahead of us that will continue to teach me to trust in Him and be content with all that He has given us (most importantly for the gift of His son so that we can go to the throne to worship Him!). I desire to be "home" more and enjoy moments just resting in Christ and knowing He is more than sufficient enough.

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