Thursday, June 3, 2010

Publix 6/1 trip

We had a great trip to publix this week! I spent a whopping $10.47 and saved $83.04!!! So here's the run down:
2 Muir Glen tomato Sauce--free with $1 printable!
2 Bic Razors--Free with b1g1 and $3 newspaper coupons!
Deli Boar's Head sliced cheese--this was a splurge-no coupon $3.60
4 Planters Nuts--$1.50-$1 blinkies and a b3g1 Target coupon=.50 for all 4
4 Nabisco Fudge Cremes/cakesters--$.150-$1 coupons and b3g1 Target Coupon
2 Kelloggs cereals--$2.10-$1 off 2 coupon
Clorox--free with Foodworld home mailer-try free coupon
2 Hillshire Farm Sausage--$2.50-$1 coupons= $1.50 each
4 Yoplait go-gurts- $1.39-$1 coupons and $1 off 2 Target coupon-Free plus overage!
4 Dove Deodorants--raincheck for b1g1-$2 coupons and $1 Target coupons-free plus overage!
Country Crock spread-$1-.40 cent coupon=.20 cents each
2 HP Hood Milk--2 free home mailers!
Butterfinger--Free with coupon!
I also made a trip to Target to stock up on their ground chuck on sale for $1.49/lb.! I got 6 lbs. for $10! that is 6 meals (or more if i stretch it out in soups and such!)==so total for my week I have spent $20--so we hopefully will make it to the farmer's market again this sat for our fresh produce and I have money left in our budget to get a good amount of fresh stuff!! I do need to start using up what we have in our freezer if we are moving in 6 weeks! How can i resist such great deals though.
We went to the zoo yesterday with Mimi and Haven! Sk and Haven had a blast playing in the water! We are loving the great outdoor time we are getting this summer! Off to play dress up with my princess! yall have a great day! I hope to get some pics up tom. from Lala's wedding festivities that happened last weekend! Sarah Kate was a beautful flowergirl and Lauren was a GORGEOUS bride! We will update all about that tomorrow though! Enough for today!

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