Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rice Bowls--new recipe

So we have a new recipe in our house that I love! I stole to idea from a restaurant we have in town called chipotle. I went recently and just loved their rice bowls. So i decided the next week to try to mimic it and make it for us at home (and we can make it a whole lot cheaper at home than eating it out!). So here is what I came up with:
Cilantro Lime Rice (that is how they do it at the restaurant)
--I took just plain old white rice (but i am sure it would be good with brown rice too) cooked it like normal, but added some lime juice in place of some of the water. after it cooked all the liquid out, i added in fresh cilantro (or you could use dried).
--We then added things we wanted on top. Choices could be endless, but we did:
Black beans, homemade salsa (another easy recipe), cheese, and cooked shredded chicken seasoned in taco seasoning.
michael loved this new recipe, so it will be a keeper around our house. And the cost is so low for this meal:
--Rice--I got it free last week with coupons!
--Chicken=I used 3 chicken breast to feed 4, so it was about 1.5 lbs.--so $3.50ish
--Salsa--all ingredients i had on hand already, but cost was probably about .75 cents
--Black beans--stocked up on those a while back for .17 cents a can
--taco seasoning--was free some time back when i stocked up on it
--cheese--probably about .50 for 1/2 a bag used
total cost:
under $5.00 for feeding 4 adults! Not too bad!

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  1. i made this last week after seeing it on your blog and it was SO easy and SO yummy!! thanks!