Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our month in pictures....

I have been a bad blogger these days...I guess we are a little busy these days and naps win in the afternoon if I don't have school still to do with SK.

So instead of trying to remember what I haven't blogged about in words, let's just look at what pictures I have taken this last month :)

Here is our "First day of school" pic this year :)  SK is enjoying 1st grade and homeschooling has gone well so far.  Our first day we got everything done then got to go swimming!

This kid.  I will do a 2 year old blog on here in a few weeks.  Hard to believe this little one is almost 2!  She has fully embraced her 2's already, can you tell?

We have done lots of this.  There was one week a couple weeks ago we travelled to Bristol, TN, then back to B'ham for a couple days, then down to Florida for a few days, and other small drives to the Birmingham area for different meetings and such.  I think I counted around 24 hours of being in the car that 1 week.  Shew.  And this little one hasn't been too thrilled about her time in the car, but she has done well all things considered.

Here is a pic of the girls with Mimi while we were in FL.  

We had our first Doctor appt and baby looked great.  I was crying and so anxious before we got to the doctor office, and was so thankful to see our little nugget growing well and his or her little heart beating on the ultrasound.

Last Sunday we travelled down to Tuscaloosa, AL where Michael preached and we got to share in Sunday School about our hearts for England.  It was fun to drive around a bit and see our college town.  

So that gives you a little update right?  We are in full swing with homeschooling with SK and so far so good.  It has been so helpful to be able to do her school work while we are traveling and such.  SK is taking piano lessons and we will start ballet in a couple weeks too :)  

We are headed to South Carolina for a couple days next week.  I think we are getting the hang of what this fall is going to look like, with travels, homeschooling, kid's activities, preparing to move overseas, all while growing a baby in my tummy :)  

Sickness has set in a bit for me, but not horrible (about the same as with the other pregnancies).  I feel like I stay nauseous a lot, so I just snack and eat all day it seems.  Michael has been great doing some cooking around here so I don't have to see raw meat and other things that make me want to throw up. bleh.

Alright, off to tend to kiddos.  See you again soon!

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