Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yard Sale for Missions by SK

So today was a crazy busy day.  SK decided last week that she wanted to do something to raise money for some missionaries in India who have a children's home there.  Our church here in STL had encouraged the kids to do chores or find ways to make money to be collected next week at the missions conference.  SK decided she would find things to sell around her room and such and set up a little yard sale in front of our apt. building.  She helped price everything (with my guidance) and helped make lemonade too for the sale.  She was so so so excited about it and was telling everyone about what the $ was going towards.  Blessed my heart to see her excited to raise money for such a needed ministry.  After 3 hours, the $ was counted and she made almost $50!  That is just from selling lemonade and toys and books and such.  She even ran out of cups for the lemonade!  It was a busy afternoon helping her with that, but so much fun too.  I pray she always has a heart to do for others.  She has been praying nightly the last 2-3 weeks for the Tombings and their children's home in India and also nightly for the Smart family.  Love seeing her heart...it is precious.

We are flying out bright and early (meaning our flight is at 6:20, so will be leaving our house before 5 a.m.) to head to Alabama for the weekend.  So excited to see everyone down there for a little visit!  I haven't packed 1 thing yet...not even thought about it yet, which is not like me at all.  Guess that is what I will be doing first thing in the morning.  For tonight though...I plan to get to bed early :)

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