Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kiddo Update

I think it's been a while since I have updated on the kiddos, so I thought I would do a little of that today.

Evie is getting so big these days and doing so much!  She climbs up on everything.  She will get up on the couch, on the chairs, then onto the table...She is a mess.  She loves loves loves to color.  Everyday she will go color at the little table we have for the girls.  She doesn't mind if she doesn't have paper either...the table works for her just as well :)  ha.
She loves movies and has learned lots of signs from watching Signing time DVD's we get at the library.  She is also starting to say more and more words.  She can say mama, dada, sissy, NO, yeah, and tries to say other words that just don't come out too clear yet.  She has a cute way of saying banana, where she just sticks out her tongue and makes this funny sound.  And the girl loves her some bananas.  Every time I take her to the store, I know if I go in the produce section (which I do every time) she will scream for a banana till she gets one.  She would eat 2 a day or more if I let her.  She still loves dip.  She will dip just about anything in any kind of dip I give her.
She loves her paci still, but today she went down for nap without it, so maybe we are on our way to being done with it. I don't think we're done with it though...since I just had to go give it to her after she woke too early from her nap...
She loves her sister.  She loves to play with her and cuddle with her.  It is precious to watch.  She will go first thing in the morning into SK's room and say "Sissy!"  SK likes it too :)
She is starting to pitch more fits these days.  She will yell "NO" at us and cross her arms and make this face.  How did she learn this so early???  Then she will also hide something behind her back if she got something she wasn't supposed to and you call her out on it, like cell phones.  Little booger ;)
She has started watching me put on makeup (on a day that I actually do that...) and wants my makeup brush and will brush it on her face copying me.  And she loves to get her sister's toothbrush too.  I think that helps with her teething.  She has now got 5 teeth in the front and 2 molars that aren't all the way in yet.
She can answer "yeah" and "no" to any question you ask.  I ask her if she is ready to go get in her bed for nap or bedtime and she runs from me and says, "No!"
She loves hair bows.  She will find one and ask for it to be put in her hair.  And if it falls out, she will scream for you to put it back in.
She still loves shoes.  She will put them on all day long and loves to get her sister's shoes or mine to walk around in too.
At the doctor a couple weeks ago, she weighed in at 21.5 lbs., which put her in the 35%, which is the highest either of our girls have ever been in the weight category.

Let's SK.

She is such a social butterfly.  I am wondering how she is going to do when we move.  She loves living in this community where everyday she can find friends in a matter of minutes to play with.  She literally plays with friends every day, some days for hours on end.  As I type this, she has a friend over and in a couple hours we will head outside where she will play with more friends till dinner time.  I am praying for her to quickly make friends after our move to AL, but also that the transition goes well as we also prepare to move to England and she can quickly make friends there.  It is going to be quite a transition for her, but I hear kids are pretty resilient :)
She has just about finished her phonics program I was using and can pretty much read anything now.  Not speed reading, but she can do pretty good!  And she finished her math workbook a couple weeks ago.
She loves ballet and is getting ready for her recital in a couple weeks.  She did tell me the other day that she missed gymnastics, so we will have to try to get her back in it maybe after we get over to England.
All the girls on campus are really into Loom bracelet making things.  SK will meet up with her friends outside (they actually named a hill on campus "Looming Hill") and they will loom for hours.

I can't think of what else to add.  We are gearing up for a busy last month here.  We fly out next week to go to B'ham for the weekend!  We will be at our home church's missions conference and also be able to go to my brother's wedding :)  Then when we get back, I am planning to crank out the packing and selling and preps for moving.  Graduation is less than a month away!  Crazy.  Sad, but exciting :)

ALright...I wish I could leave you with a couple pics, but I haven't taken any lately.  I need to take more pics, but such is the life right now :)  Maybe when we go outside later today I will make it a point to...we'll see.

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