Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

I am determined to catch up on the blog, can you tell :)

So here are some pictures we snapped on Easter!  These first few are Sat. morning when we headed outside to do an egg hunt with all the kiddos on campus!

 The girl has style right :)

 And the sugar intake begins....

Sat. afternoon we worked on dying eggs.  SK cracks me how focussed she is :)

 The not so natural "cheese" face...
 a bit better :)
 A bit of reality...here is the attempt at taking a picture with his girls :)
 ah...better :)
 pretty girl :)
 pretty baby girl :)
 Fun in the sun with friends!

We really had a lovely Easter.  SK is amazing us with how much she is starting to understand the gospel more and more each day.  She asked us on Thursday if we were going to do our yearly "Resurrection Cookies" that we have done every year prior.  She remembered doing them last year and even recalled what each step symbolized in the story of Jesus dying on the cross for her sins and being raised from the dead.  This year, we changed it up a bit though and made Resurrection rolls and it was fun.  I think I like the cookies better in terms of having more steps that we can talk through and connect, but the rolls were delicious :)  If you haven't heard of them, google it.  You won't be disappointed and it makes for a great way to talk to your kids about the gospel!

Long enough post...I  know :)
I think I am actually beginning to catch up on my blogs I have been meaning to do!

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