Saturday, February 4, 2012

Birthday Suprise!

My sweet hubby pulled off a suprise party today along with a friend, whose wife's birthday is today.  They worked hard and I was quite suprised.  It started out by telling Kelsey and I that they wanted to send us to get a manicure (gave us a giftcard to a place they found) and they would take care of the kiddos.  Well, low and behold.  They were working hard while we were away and had a big party planned for us.  When we finally got back (we didn't know we were supposed to be back sooner than we had thought....) we got a big suprise as soon as we walked in the door. 

They planned a whole Fiesta theme and had hats for us birthday girls and mexican food and even made us cakes!

I have a pretty awesome hubby.  Step back, ladies....He's taken :)

I think she looks cuter in the hat, than I did...what do you think :)

On a side note, pregnancy is going well so far.  I am getting more hungry (like had to get up at 6 this morning after sitting wide awake in the bed for an hour hungry...) and a little bit more tired, but its all good.  I kinda want the symptoms to come on so I feel more pregnant and won't worry so much.  Of course I say that now, might take it back when the nausea and stuff actually hits.  We shall see.  I am just ready for the next couple weeks to fly so I can get to the doctor and hear a heartbeat.  It will be awesome to get to that day.  I need it to come quickly.
Other than that I am just trying not to stress to much about everything I do and how it might affect the baby.  Like..."Is my shower too hot for the baby?"  "Is this food ok?"  "Am I lifting too much?"  and many more stuff that is crazy....I am reminding myself almost hourly that God is Sovereign and He is in control of this life, not me. 

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