Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Random update...

I know I have become a slacker in the blogging dept.  No need to try and excuse myself right?  Life is crazy and this is just a back burner thing I wish I had time and brain energy to spend time on.  Oh well...

Let me just give a random update...

Sarah Kate is in her last week of school here and then will go on summer break, which will last 6 weeks.  I am excited to have her around more and take a break from rushed mornings trying to get all the kids ready and out the door in time to walk her to school.  She is excited to get into Year 3 after the break :)

Sarah Kate really did great transitioning into the school here.  It has been crazy for me to see how well she has picked up and caught up with what they were learning here.  The school here is at a different pace than where we were in the states.  For instance...she had to catch up with her "numeracy", where the kids in her class were already doing times tables, multiplication, and division!  Then in her handwriting and literacy, where the class was writing stories in paragraph form using adverbials and chronological order and such.  She really has done awesome in working hard to catch up!

She has loved making friends here too.  Yesterday she even got to have one of her classmates over for a playdate after school.  The girl is our little social butterfly for sure!

Her accent is sounding quite "British" at times as well.  She will ask me questions and her inflection at the end sounds like a little British girl.  I think it's cute :)  And she will say words more and more that they pronounce differently or use differently.  For instance...the word "tomato" is pronounced differently here and she says it that way.

On to Evie.  This girl is a mess...She is cute, but a mess.  She will have her fair share of fits each day and is slowly learning to not scream at mommy if she doesn't get her way.  I have tried to convince her it is time to be done with nappies (diapers), to no avail.  She has no shame in wearing a diaper or wetting her underwear if we try that.  She can't be bribed or anything!  She says, "I don't want chocolate!" even when I try to bribe with chocolate.  I decided after trying really hard with her yesterday and having multiple clean ups (even having to clean the couch) that we will wait a bit more.  I ain't got time to deal with that craziness right now.

Silas is doing well.  He is 3 months old now!  Hard to believe.  He had "jabs" on Monday so has been little more needy the last couple of days, but overall is an easy baby.  He normally sleeps through the night waking around 6 a.m.  The last couple of nights he has woken 1 time for a feed, but that hasn't been his norm and I am blaming that on the shots hoping he will go back to sleeping through soon.  He is a great nurser now too.  I have no idea what he weighs now, but hope to take him tomorrow to a clinic they have 1 time a week where I can have his weight checked.  They just don't seem to check weight here near as often as they do in the states.  He is in 3 month clothes now and fills those things out with his length.  I think he is going to be tall :)

What else have we been up to...

My brain is tired.  I guess I can blame it on lack of sleep the last couple of nights.  Our days just seem to always have big lists of things that need to get done, but only so much actually gets checked off each day.  Michael had to build a gate for our driveway, which took all day on Sat., but thankfully now, we have a gate so I can send Evie out to play without her being able to run to our front yard/road.  We have recently discovered that our fridge is not properly cooling.  We knew it didn't feel cool and our milk and such were going bad very quickly.  We put a fridge thermometer in and it is reading 12 degrees Celsius.  That's not good.  Finally got a hold of the letting agency on Monday morning, then they had someone come out this morning to look at the fridge to see if it could be repaired or just need to be replaced.  It sounds like it will have to be replaced, but we have to wait to hear back from the letting agency after they talk with the landlord.  All that to say....things take forever to get done here.  So for now, I only buy what we need each day and a small carton of milk so as to not have to throw out milk after a day or so.

We are hoping to go to Wales on Monday for a little day trip (Wales is only about an hour away from us) and see the coast.  Maybe I will get a chance to blog about that...maybe.

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  1. Sounds like your days are full! Thanks for the update. I love hearing about your life there!