Thursday, December 19, 2013

Catch up...

No time for blogging lately…but hopefully that is changing soon :)
Michael took his last final yesterday and now gets a much needed break from his studies!  This will be his first year to not take a Jan. term class so he gets a break until Jan. 24th (or something close to that I think).  We are excited for the break for sure :)  He has been so busy finishing out papers and preparing for finals we have barely had much family time and are looking forward to getting lots in the coming weeks.  We will still be working and support raising, so we won't be completely couch potatoes!
To celebrate being done, Michael took Sk on a date last night to the movies.  She was so excited and got all dressed up in her best dress, put on a little make up for fun, fixed her hair and then asked Daddy when he came home if he would get "handsome" too :)  So she helped pick out his clothes.  They headed off to the dollar theater to see Smurfs 2, but didn't make it through the movie since SK said she didn't like it and said it was a little scary.  Oh well.   At least they still got a date in.
Today I have big plans to clean our apt.  It has been put on the back burner for long enough.  Time for dusting and scrubbing :)
Now we have been doing some fun things too in the midst of these last few weeks.  I haven't been the best at taking pictures, but here is what I got :)

 There have been lots of snuggles with our loves and stuffed animals :)

 SK had her Christmas party at ballet.  This year she was in my class and I have loved getting to be her ballet teacher.  And she loves ballet :)

 We had a good snow last weekend and I went out to catch a few pictures and I got blasted with snowballs being thrown at me…
 This is the Christmas program at church, where SK sang "Joy to the world" with her class.
 Fun times dancing around in mommy's pointe shoes :)
My mom and her husband, Ed came up for a visit last weekend and 
Sk loved having lots of fun with them.

SO there is a little quick peak into our last couple of weeks.  We are looking forward to having a low key chill Christmas here.  No big plans other than games and movies :) 

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