Tuesday, August 27, 2013

11 Months

Today our sweet Evie is 11 months old!  I can't believe we are only a month away from her turning 1!  We are still getting settled back in from our 2 week trip to the south (will have to do a blog about that later...), so my brain is not fully functioning it feels like but I will try to recall all that she has been up to for the last month....

*She is cruising around furniture and all with ease now, but not walking just yet :)

*She can let go of whatever she is holding onto while standing and stand for a few seconds or more sometimes before grabbing back on or sitting down.

*Sleep is still not going great, but we are working this week on a little training...

*She is a great eater most of the time.  She is getting more into getting finger foods or whatever mommy or daddy is eating.  She can handle little bites of things like eggs, noodles, cheese, or different fruits.

*She loves to scream.  And scream loudly.  It might be cute at times, but not so much when you are in a restaurant.  We have been working with her trying to teach her to say "more" in sign language.  We did signing with SK and loved it, so we have been trying to do the same with Evie.  She would much rather tell us she wants her next bite by screaming at us.  So before we left for our trip, Michael was feeding her and she kept screaming at him.  He proceeds to tell her "no" while shaking his head and showed her how to say "more".  Well she proceeds to shake her head back at him...So now it has become something she does anytime she hears "no".  Like when she is crawling to the plug outlets in the wall...she will crawl to it and shake her head "no" because she knows that is what we are going to say.  She thinks it is fun....

*She still just has her 2 bottom teeth.

*Last night at bedtime we were sitting in the couch reading our bedtime Bible story and saying prayers together, then it was time to give goodnight kisses.  Evie was so sweet giving kisses to SK.  She loves her sister so much and it is precious to see :)

*Naps were def. off during our trip, but she typically still does 2 naps a day and goes to bed by 8 each night.

On to the pictures, right!!??!!

Classes officially started yesterday for Michael, though he didn't end up having his class meet.  So today starts up our fall semester really.  It is going to be a busy semester for sure, but it will be a good one too.  I am auditing 2 classes, one with Michael tonight and one on my own tomorrow.  I will start SK with her schooling next Monday.  And then there is the ballet classes that I am teaching and SK will do ballet and gymnastics.  Whew.  Fun times ahead :)
I know I need to blog about our trip to Alabama and Florida, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  It was a great trip getting to see a good number of friends and family!

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