Sunday, August 14, 2011

Alabama trip part 1

We are back in St. Louis after a fun filled week in Alabama.  We had so much fun I don't even know where to start.  To keep this from being a majorly long post, I am thinking I will do it in bits and pieces each day.  We left last Friday after Michael finished greek and I finished work and drove 8.5 hours to Moody, Al. where we stayed at our friend's poolhouse.  It was so fun to stay there and have a pool to have fun in.  The car ride went quite well with SK.  She watched plenty of movies, played her leapster and read and colored those whole way.  Plus we had plenty of snacks to keep us all entertained too :)
 This is how the princess took her nap in the car :)

Sat. morning started out with Mimi taking us to Cracker Barrel then some swim time with family and friends at the pool and finished off the night with some good Mexican with Nana, Papa, Lauren, and Jeremiah. It was a great day of fun and excitement.

 We went to worship on Sunday at Community (our home church) and eat a Milo's lunch with Nana and Papa then had some rest before heading to see Act of Congress (fun surpise to have them playing right down the road from where we were staying!) then had community group time back at the pool house!  (yep, we got to do lots of fun swimming)
SK with her "best friend" Maddie!

Ok, that will do it for tonight.  We are still getting settled back in.  Laundry to do, groceries to buy, things to accomplish before the fall classes start back up.  We have 2 weeks and a big list of things we hope to get done.   Hopefully tomorrow I will get part 2 of our trip.  Lots of pictures to come with telling more of our trip and some family pictures we had done while in town done by the awesome Virginia :)

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